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A professional and qualified team and an in-house cutting edge equipment, along with the experience acquired over the years in developing important productions in Italy and abroad, make us able to satisfy all needs in the audiovisual field. In the broad world of video production, we take care of each single phase of work.

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I've never stopped loving cartoons. I loved cartoons as a kid.
I can still look at them and enjoy them.
(Edward Asner)

TV Distribution

Il pubblico vuole vedere sempre gli stessi film: bisogna deluderlo, sennò non si farebbe nulla di interessante nell’arte.
(Woody Allen)


I don't have anything to prove. I just want to show.

(Federico Fellini)

Publishing & Licensing

If the author's name is bigger than the book's title, then it is not literature.
(Wilbur Smith)

Why us


The ant is an example of natural reliability
(Alda Merini)


Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward


A company is neither better nor worse than people who work there within
(Kaoru Ishikawa)
Sydonia Production - Why us


To be young learn from the old
(Ancient popular saying)


Calmness is the first virtue for a business man


Know your limits, but never stop trying to exceed them
Ministero dei Beni Culturali
Associazione Documentarist Italiani
Associazione Generale Industrie Cine-audiovisive Indipendenti
Associazione Produttori Televisivi